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We understand. Real estate closings are anything but simple. In fact, they can be downright overwhelming. There are mounds of information that everyone wants and just when you think you have given your all, another request comes from someone requesting something else. Good thing you have a Seacrest title company on your side.

For buyers and sellers, it is all about having things coordinated. Realtors worry that a deal might fall apart. Lenders need more information for a loan. There are hundreds of little details to see to, what could go wrong? This is why it is so important to put yourself in good hands with a Seacrest lawyer run title company.

In business since 1983, Emerald Coast Title Services has seen every type of complication and we know how to smooth them all out. We understand your goal of wanting to arrive at to the closing table fast, so we ensure that every last document is in order, so you can put your mind into other things.

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Why Do I Need a Title Search?

A title search is standard procedure with every property that is purchased and sold. There are many ways a transaction can go wrong. Paperwork may not have been properly filed, a divorce wasn’t finalized, there was a fraudulent deed filed, the list goes on.

A property's records are searched going back decades. Our title agents and examiners are looking for any restriction on the property and to ensure that it actually belongs to the people who are selling it. The one thing you want at closing is a clear title, meaning there is nothing binding on the property, and you are good to go.

Our Seacrest title company knows our clients and partners are our first priority. We are licensed attorneys, title agents and examiners, all who know what to look for in property searches. Using the latest technology, we can ensure your contract closing experience is the best one you will have.

Our Services for Realtors

We know how overloaded you can feel as a realtor. Listings turn into offers, then contracts, and you are looking to close a deal as quickly as possible. When you partner with our Seacrest title company, we make that easy for you. Let us take hold of the closing process and you can move on to other things. Because our teams have the knowledge you seek, if there is a problem, you will know about it soon enough.

Buyers & Sellers

For buyers, looking for that first home or the fifth home can be an exciting time. In order to arrive at the closing, so much has to happen first. What are the steps to take for a successful home closing? What funding requirements are you looking at and which documents do you need to bring to the table?

For sellers, there is just as much to know about closing as buyers. Which documents do you need to bring to closing, what are your final costs looking like, what documents will you be signing at the final settlement and what about title insurance? Even if you are looking to sell your home yourself, we have a FSBO Contract Assistant you will love using.

All this, and more, is what you will encounter once you have decided on a home for yourself. No one knows this better than our Seacrest lawyer run title company team. This is what we do all day every day and we like when it is all sorted out and ready to go.


Our experienced team at Emerald Coast Title Services has been assisting lenders and their partners for over three decades. Whether you are doing purchase money mortgages, construction funding, credit lines or refinances, we are here to help. Our deep knowledge about all things real estate will guide you to your best lending decisions. Big or small bank, we challenge you to find someone else who knows real estate lending practices like we do.

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Emerald Coast Title Services Works for You

If you want peace of mind, then you want to work with our Seacrest area title company. Real estate transactions and finding the right resources for you when you are buying or selling a home, is one of the most important things you will do. Do not let the biggest investment venture of your life be given over to anyone but the best.

Do not take our work for it. Just look to the tens of thousands of clients we have helped over the years, and you will see our expertise at work. Contact our title company serving Seacrest today, and let us help you get from contract to closing!

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