How Can ECTS Help You?

The experienced staff at Emerald Coast Title Services have been assisting lenders and their customers in all their real estate lending needs for over three decades. Whether refinances, credit lines, purchase money mortgages or construction funding we know the ropes and can make your job much easier.

Whether a national lender or a smaller out of state institution we know how to meet a lenders demands and what they are looking for in security and someone who follows instructions and can assist in negotiating the nuances of Florida lending so that your position is secure and unchallengeable.

Our staff of experienced professionals make refinance quick, easy, and successful.

Quick Estimate Turn Around

We take a great deal of pride in the level of customer service we provide to our clients and lenders. We understand all of the implications the CFPB put on the Lending industry in 2015 so much so that we held classes for our local lenders to help them through the transition. We understand the importance of getting a Loan Estimate out within three days of Loan Application. We make getting your estimated closing costs to you fast a top priority.

Request a Title Quote Now!

If you prefer, we will give you access to our Closing Cost App to run your own closing cost estimates. We have many lenders that use this exclusively and they can get the fees they need at their convenience.

Drafting Documents

We are an attorney-run title company. We have on-staff attorneys that specialize in residential and commercial real estate closings and are available to answer any contract-related questions and can draft various documents that may be needed for closing, including Notes and Mortgages if the need arises.

Call us at  850-650-0077 or email us by clicking here.


We believe that knowledge and education are the key to a successful Real Estate transaction. We offer a variety of educational classes to Realtors and Lenders alike. We offer these classes regularly at the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors, or we can bring a class directly to your staff at your branch location.


Recent Contract Changes

As new versions of contracts are released, we will go over the changes that effect you as the lender.



This is a great course for all levels of experience. In this course, we will point out the differences in the two most used contracts in Florida real estate. There are more differences than you may think that affect the Mortgage Company!


What is an endorsement? A title endorsement is an addition or limitation of coverage that is attached to the title insurance policy; it adds or changes the terms of the policy. We lay out and explain each of the ONLY legal Loan Policy endorsements in the State of Florida.