We believe that knowledge and education are the key to a successful Real Estate career. We are proud to offer a variety of Real Estate and Marketing classes. We offer these classes regularly at our offices, the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors Offices, or we can bring these classes to your brokerage.

All courses are designed to fit into a one hour time frame, but are all given as a round table discussion, so the time limit will be determined by the interaction during the class.

Please contact ashley@ects.com or 850-650-0077  to schedule your next class.


What the Heck is FIRPTA

This is a short 30 minute course explaining what FIRPTA is and the implications it has on the closing and closing funds.


1031 Exchanges

This is also a short 30 minute course explaining what a 1031 is and the requirements that must be met in order to successfully defer capital gains tax from one property to another.


Closing Costs and Contracts

This course offers an overview of the settlement statement and shows how the contract affects the settlement statement.


Set Sail for a Smooth Closing

Set sail for a smooth closing by understanding the title examination process. This course is designed to give a basic overview of the title commitment, common issues that can show up and explain why information is requested by a title agent.


Contracts 101

An overview of the Florida Real Estate contract. This is a great course for new agents. We will go through the entire contract while explaining the importance of each sections of the contract and pointing out the most common mistakes agents make when filling it out.


Contracts : FARBAR v. CRSP

This is a great course for all levels of experience. In this course, we will point out the differences in the two most used contracts in Florida real estate. There are more differences than you may think! Whether you primarily use one over the other, it is importance to know the differences in case you receive an offer on a contract you are not familiar with. We have had much success with this course and have never had an agent walk away without having learned something new.


Closing 101

In this course, you will spend an hour (or so) in our shoes as we go through what we do to get your contract closed from the day we receive the fully executed contract to signing documents at the closing table. A short “mock closing” will be part of the course as we explain the settlement statement and all other closing documents to you.

Real Estate Marketing Courses


Selling Generationally

More generations contribute to today’s consumer base than at any other time in history. This course is designed to explain what the different generations may be looking for in a home purchase and how to communicate and sell to each generation.


Turn a FSBO Into a Listing

Marketing property owners who have listed their homes FSBO provides a unique opportunity for the well-prepared agent to gain an additional source of business.


Social Media Marketing

This course is designed to help you to develop a social media strategy to elevate your real estate business in today’s world.