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We are more than just a title company. We like to think of ourselves as your title services professional team, offering you the most efficient and personalized closing experience. We will exceed your expectations because we know what they are. You can count on our Fort Walton Beach title company.

At Emerald Coast Title Services, we have been in business since 1983 and have helped tens of thousands of clients with all of their closing needs. Take advantage of our expertise, strength, and superior service for the best protection of your property, and your peace of mind.

What is a For Sale by Owner (FSBO)?

A FSBO means that the owner is selling the property without the help of a listing agent or broker.
FSBOs usually fall into one of two categories:

  • The buyer and seller know each other. If you are selling to a family member or friend, you might find it easy to sell without an agent.
  • The seller wants to save money and try to go at it alone. This includes listing, marketing, and showing the home, as well as negotiating the terms of the contract and organizing all repairs and documentation required to get the transaction to closing.

Drawbacks of Selling Your Home Yourself

There are some drawbacks to selling your home yourself. Many home sellers try to FSBO their home at first and end up hiring a professional after a while. Unless you have an extensive background in real estate, you might not be able to effectively handle all of the aspects of getting the home ready to stage for viewings, setting a fair price, marketing the home, negotiating the terms of the contract and other details. One of the biggest drawbacks is that you do not have access to the community of real estate agents with ready to go buyers, as a professional Realtor would have access to. There have also been many studies that show that homes sold with the help of a Realtor sell for 6%-10% higher price than homes that are sold without the expertise of a Realtor.

Next Steps After Contract is Complete

The first thing that needs to happen is the buyer needs to place a loan application with a lender and get their earnest money deposit in to the escrow agent. All inspections will need to be scheduled and any items that may be needed such as a survey, elevation certificate, or home warranty will need to get ordered. Be sure to give us a call to make sure we have all documentation we need from you to get the title work in order.

Our Title Company Services in Fort Walton Beach

When it comes to our services, we manage the process from contract to closing. When you sit down at the closing table, you can be assured that the transaction will be a smooth one. Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing, homeowner, lender, or business, we make the process as easy as possible.

Our knowledgeable team of licensed attorneys, title agents, and examiners have access to the latest technology. That makes all the difference in ensuring that your closing experience is hassle-free. We would not have it any other way. Our clients and partners are our priority.

For Realtors

Our experienced and diverse group of professionals are here to help you with all of your contract closing needs. We understand how stressful your life can become when you are a realtor and are in need of a title company. You will be happy to know we make our closing process as seamless as can be. We know exactly the kinds of problems you may run into, and we have dealt with all of them through the years. There are no surprises at the closing table, which makes for very happy buyers and sellers.

For Lenders

For over three decades, our staff has been assisting lenders and their customers in their many real estate needs. Whether you are looking for credit lines, refinancing, purchase money mortgages, or construction funding, our team knows the ropes and can make your job easier. Big bank or small, we know what it takes to meet a lender’s demands and exactly what they are looking for in security as well as in negotiation skills to see your way to a successful outcome.

For Buyers & Sellers in Fort Walton Beach

Purchasing a home, especially for the first time, can be a very exciting time. At Emerald Coast Title Services, our Fort Walton Beach title company, which is owned and operated by lawyers, is here to walk with you through the entire process. We know you have many questions, and we are ready to answer all of them. Everything from “What is title insurance and why do I need it?” to “Should I use a real estate agent?” and “Why is buying better than renting?” We know that owning your own home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. We can help you to see what you can afford, how much to borrow, what your payments will look like, and so much more.

FSBO For Sale by Owner Option

Owners who choose to sell their home without a realtor will need to be on top of the selling process from beginning to end. Everything from listing your home to showing it to prospective buyers is all up to you, and for that, we can help. Our team of attorneys will help to draft the sales contract for you. Never feel like you are alone in the process, our Fort Walton Beach title company team is here to help.

Quick Estimate Turn Around

We understand all of the nuances that go into making a successful real estate transaction in Fort Walton Beach. Our clients and lenders depend on us, and we have the technology to help you along the way. We can help with things like filing a loan estimate within three days of your loan application. We also assist you by making your estimated closing costs our top priority. You can also run our Closing Cost Calculator App to help you with your own closing cost estimates. Many of our clients use this app exclusively.

Why You Should Choose Emerald Coast Title Services

As an attorney-run title company, we are committed to your success first. We specialize in residential and commercial closings, and we are always available to answer all of your contract-related questions. Our Fort Walton Beach title company is a full-service title insurance company offering title and closing services to real estate professionals, buyers and sellers throughout the beautiful region known as the Emerald Coast of Florida.

Our clients are always delighted with all we do for them. Contact us today so we can begin your real estate journey with you.

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