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Let's Talk Title with ECTS Podcast

The Real Estate Market in 2020 - Let's Talk Title with ECTS (Episode 9)

Welcome back to another episode of 🎙Let’s Talk Title with ECTS! Joining us in this episode, Rodney Martin Waits of Equity & Trust Realty. 2020 has been quite the year for all of us. Rodney shared us with his observations of the real estate market in 2020, and also shared some valuable info and advice for future buyers and sellers.

Halloween Special - Let's Talk Title with ECTS (Episode 8)

In this special episode, we talked about probate and what happens when property owners pass away. Joining us this week is Jane Kerrigan. Jane is an attorney of Hand Arendall Harrison Sale and her practice primarily focuses on estate planning, probate, and trust administration.

The Current Climate of the Real Estate Market (Episode 7)

Episode 7 of Let’s Talk Title is up! Meet our new co-host, Ashley Bowen. In this episode, we talked about the current climate of the real estate market. A big thank you to those who have been watching since the first episode!  If you have yet to watch the previous episodes, they can be found on our website or our YouTube channel.

Wire Fraud Scams in Real Estate Transactions (Episode 6)

Welcome back to another episode of “Let’s Talk Title". In this episode, we are discussing wire fraud scams that frequently encounter in real estate transactions. 📣 Homebuyers and real estate agents, make sure to watch and learn how to protect yourself from fraudulent activities. If there are specific topics you would like to hear about in the upcoming episodes, feel free to reach out to us! 😃 Contact Us:

Financing and Lender Issues Involved in Real Estate Transactions (Episode 5)

In this episode, episode of “Let’s Talk Title“, we discuss financing and lender issues involved in closing a real estate transaction. Joining us this week is Brandi Ealy of Progress Bank. Brandi has shared lots of valuable information and insights from the perspective of a loan officer, and hopefully you will learn a lot from this podcast.

The Importance and Benefit of Attorneys in a Title Company, and Having Access to Them (Episode 4)

In this episode, Dion and Casey discuss the importance and benefits of having attorneys in a title company and having access to them. Joining them this week is Robert Ward of REMAX By The Sea.

What Title Insurance is and Why it's Important (Episode 3)

In this episode, Dion and Casey discuss what title insurance is and why having title insurance is so important. Also, they have special guests, Steven Franco and Greg Ganske with Rodos Realty Partners. Grab your coffee and enjoy the podcast! Don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you like the podcast.

What Happens When a Party Backs out of a Contract and What Remedies are Available? (Episode 2)

Here’s the 2nd episode of our podcast, “Let’s Talk Title with ECTS”! In this episode, Dion Moniz and Casey Jernigan King discuss what happens if the Buyer or Seller decides to back out of the Contract, and what remedies are available. Sit back and enjoy the podcast.

How COVID-19 has Impacted the Real Estate Closing Process. (Episode 1)

Here’s the very first episode of our podcast, “Let's Talk Title with Emerald Coast Title Services”! In this first episode, Dion Moniz and Casey Jernigan King discuss the impacts of Coronavirus on the real estate closing process. Brew yourself a coffee, find a quiet place and just watch our first episode while staying at home. We’re excited to hear what you think! Leave us a comment down below and give it a thumbs up if you like the podcast.

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