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Emerald Coast Title Services wants to be your premier real estate, title, and closing service in the Sandestin area. We serve all along the beautiful Emerald Coast as well as all throughout the state of Florida. We are an attorney-run title company, and we are committed to continuous research development, teamwork, and communication, all of which help to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our Sandestin real estate attorneys stand ready to help you.

If you are a buyer, seller, realtor, or lender and are in need of a title search or escrow services, these services can be done by an attorney or a title company, but why not have the best of both worlds with an attorney-run title company? Every property bought or sold is subject to evaluations. One of the most important is the title search. Transfer of ownership of any real estate property can, and is often, spoiled by the appearance of liens, back taxes, improperly filed deeds, or other defective paperwork. All can lead to a property not being closed upon.

Unexpected roadblocks are common in the world of real estate. If you are not familiar with all that goes into arriving at the closing table, then it’s time to partner with our highly qualified team of experts. Everyone from licensed attorneys, title agents, and examiners, all of whom will help you get from contract to closing quickly and easily.

What is a For Sale by Owner (FSBO)?

A FSBO means that the owner is selling the property without the help of a listing agent or broker.
FSBOs usually fall into one of two categories:

  • The buyer and seller know each other. If you are selling to a family member or friend, you might find it easy to sell without an agent.
  • The seller wants to save money and try to go at it alone. This includes listing, marketing, and showing the home, as well as negotiating the terms of the contract and organizing all repairs and documentation required to get the transaction to closing.

Drawbacks of Selling Your Home Yourself

There are some drawbacks to selling your home yourself. Many home sellers try to FSBO their home at first and end up hiring a professional after a while. Unless you have an extensive background in real estate, you might not be able to effectively handle all of the aspects of getting the home ready to stage for viewings, setting a fair price, marketing the home, negotiating the terms of the contract and other details. One of the biggest drawbacks is that you do not have access to the community of real estate agents with ready to go buyers, as a professional Realtor would have access to. There have also been many studies that show that homes sold with the help of a Realtor sell for 6%-10% higher price than homes that are sold without the expertise of a Realtor.

Next Steps After Contract is Complete

The first thing that needs to happen is the buyer needs to place a loan application with a lender and get their earnest money deposit in to the escrow agent. All inspections will need to be scheduled and any items that may be needed such as a survey, elevation certificate, or home warranty will need to get ordered. Be sure to give us a call to make sure we have all documentation we need from you to get the title work in order.

Why Choose a Title Company Like Emerald Coast Title Services?

For buyers and sellers, closing with our Sandestin real estate lawyers should not be overlooked. Often, just an attorney is used for closings, but there are many reasons to work with an attorney-run title company.

Your title company will conduct a thorough search of the title related to the property you are seeking to purchase. This search lets you, the buyer, know that the seller has a clear transfer to the title as it stands now. Clear titles are titles without any encumbrances, such as judgment liens, mortgage liens, or other impediments attached to the title that must be cleared up before a closing can take place.

Other risks include:

  • Forged deeds or mortgages
  • Undisclosed heirs
  • Liens from an unpaid estate, inheritance, or income taxes
  • Invalid tax titles
  • Fraud or coercion in securing signatures
  • Issues resulting from a prior or existing marriage

Any of these encumbrances can pose a risk to clear a title. When you work with our Sandestin area attorneys for real estate, it is through a deep thorough search that problems are brought to the surface and fixed so that a closing can take place as scheduled. Our attorneys work alongside our title agents and examiners and have the knowledge about what to do in every case where the title is not clear.

In choosing to work with our title company, you are not acquiring formal legal representation, but you are acquiring a team of title agents, examiners and licensed attorneys with the legal knowledge and expertise to deal with all issues that arise in commercial and residential ownership accounts.

With trained legal personnel working directly on your account, this means that all legal issues that arise and can threaten the closing of a sale are resolved within a reasonable time.

Sandestin Attorneys for Real Estate That Are Dedicated to You

If there are other Sandestin real estate attorneys, why choose to work with Emerald Coast Title Services? For peace of mind. Our attorney-run title company has been in business since 1983. We have assisted tens of thousands of customers with all of their real estate transactions.

Our attorney-run title company serving Sandestin offers an array of services to buyers and sellers, realtors, and lenders. We have the knowledge you seek in the handling of both commercial and residential title, escrow services, closing services, and can recommend additional real estate-related services to you.

Real estate can be a complicated business. You want the right people on your side. We can relate to closings that were delayed or canceled permanently because clear title could not be attained for a real estate purchase. Our Sandestin real estate attorneys work hard for you and every one of our clients.

Using today’s latest technology, we can prepare documents and your purchase for closing in the most effective and hassle-free ways. There is much to know about title and escrow services. When you turn it over to our Sandestin lawyers for real estate, you can begin to feel confident that your closing will be taking place very soon.

For a smooth closing experience, look to Emerald Coast Title Services every time. Contact us today for more information.

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