Should You Attend the Home Inspection?

The Emerald Coast area of Florida is a popular place to live thanks to the incredible scenery and enjoyable way of life. If you’re planning to buy a home here, you can use the services of a title company to offer you extra financial security and advice.

Most real estate attorneys recommend that you do attend your home inspection. You can also ask your real estate lawyer to attend so that they can ask any questions on your behalf.

Learn more about why you should attend your home inspection and how you can benefit from an experienced title company below.

Benefits of Attending a Home Inspection

A home inspection is your opportunity to see your potential new home through the eyes of an expert. Missing the chance to explore the building without the chaos of your initial viewing could be something you come to regret.

Get to See Your New Neighborhood

Although you’ll spend your home inspection inside your new home, you’ll still get the chance to view the area surrounding it. From seeing your neighboring homes to noting the condition of the streets, you can learn some very important information about your new neighborhood simply by attending your home inspection.

Ask Any Questions About the Building

You could bring a list of questions for your building inspector with you, or you may simply come up with some queries on the spot. Either way, when you attend your home inspection, you’ll get the chance to ask an expert about aspects of your new home, like its history and safety features.

Clarify Any Cosmetic or Build Issues

You might not have spotted any major issues when you first viewed your potential new home. During a home inspection, you’ll get the chance to look at things more closely and will spot anything that could become an issue down the line.

For example, you may notice slating on your roof that looks hazardous. You can mention this to your inspector, and they will tell you what will be required to fix it.

What Does a Title Company Do? 

Title companies exist so that both the buyer and seller are protected during the sale of a home. A real estate title company will look into a home’s title when you decide you want to buy it.

Your title agent will research the home’s history and building upgrades. Plus, they’ll insure the title of your home.

A closing attorney will search for any debts owed on a property so that you don’t run into any surprises. Real estate closing is an important but somewhat bureaucratic process, so a title company is a good choice if you need help with it.

Understanding Escrow and How it Works

An escrow account is a form of official holding place for money or property that can’t be released until specific requirements are satisfied. Your title company will manage your escrow and only make payouts once your requirements have been dealt with.

This ensures your money is carefully managed, never used for the wrong purposes, or lost. If you’re planning to buy in the Emerald Coast area, consider speaking to Emerald Coast Title Services.

Use Title Services for Your New Home Needs

By using a real estate attorney or a title company, your finances are protected throughout the home-buying process. You’ll also protect yourself from future costs by attending the home inspection before you buy.

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