Real Estate and Lifestyle Apps to Use in the New Year

As we usher in a new year, real estate professionals are gearing up to embrace innovative tools that can elevate their productivity and streamline their processes. In this blog, we explore a curated list of real estate and lifestyle apps that can make your real estate endeavors in the coming year not just smoother, but smarter!

MLS Advantage App

The MLS Advantage App opens the door to a cooperative search engine, facilitating searches within and beyond your real estate organization. While some Florida associations may not be a part of the MLS program, this app ensures an expansive search capability to connect entities.


Streamlining the scheduling of showing appointments, the ShowingTime app, recently adopted by ECAR, promises to make this pivotal aspect of home buying much more efficient. Agents can anticipate a smoother experience as everyone embraces this user-friendly scheduling tool.

New American Funding Mortgage Calculator

While traditional mortgage calculators might seem binary, the new app from New American Funding stands out for its user-friendly interface. Easily input taxes, insurance, and interest rates to obtain a monthly payment breakdown.

Great School Finders

Navigating the school landscape in a new area becomes effortless with the Great School Finders app. Its user-friendly interface assists in providing valuable information about schools, aiding those relocating with families.


Beyond real estate specifics, staying out of traffic is crucial. Waze, a popular GPS app, not only guides you but also helps you navigate the best routes, ensuring you’re on time for your appointments.


Finding commercial properties becomes a breeze with LoopNet, a user-friendly app designed for locating commercial spaces for sale or rent. In a region where such properties might be elusive at times, LoopNet stands out as a valuable resource.


Enhance your property listings with detailed floor plans created effortlessly through Flōplan. Connected to Flex MLS, this app allows you to transform smartphone pictures into floor plans, potentially accelerating property sales by helping buyers visualize their future home.


For the meticulous tracking of business mileage, MileIQ operates in the background, sending notifications for daily trip reviews. Agents can easily share this data at month-end for mileage reimbursement purposes.


Integrated with Flex MLS from ECAR, Forewarn provides agents with comprehensive information by simply inputting a person’s name, phone number, or address, streamlining due diligence processes.

ECTS Title Quote App

Efficiency meets simplicity with our Title Quote App. From generating seller-to-net sheets to buyer estimates and closing costs, this user-friendly app facilitates transparent communication, allowing sellers to compare multiple offers effortlessly.

Interested in learning more about these apps and other tech you can use to boost your real estate process? Listen to our recent podcast episode that delves further into new tech you can use in the new year!