How Our Title Quote App Helps Convert Clients for Agents

January 27, 2020

Recently, we received a fantastic testimonial from Scott Martineau of RE/MAX Coastal Properties on how using the Seller Net Sheet portion of our Closing Cost Calculator helped him turn a prospective client into a listing, because of the numbers he was able to quickly and clearly present to his seller. 


Scott’s testimonial in full:

“So there's lots of ways to use the tools that ECTS has and you can try to use them all different ways, but in this case I will share with you that I use the seller net proceeds and the multiple offer format to let my seller know what the different payoffs were going to be for her at different price points, depending on what we sold it at. 

The way the tool is really effective for me though as an agent was that I was able to quickly put in the different price points, get all the details out of what the seller, if she listed with me, what she could expect from the net proceeds. 

But it was very quick for me to test this seller on whether or not she was serious. 

I gave her the output of this format on the website which is very clear, very well presented, it shows me well, it shows ECTS well, but she most of all could make a decision on what she had to do and it didn't take any more of my time. 

I could test her commitment to making the decision to list with me with very little commitment of time on my part. 

So because I could fill in the four different price points, the sale points, get the ECTS output, send it to her, she could look at it and it's very well presented. And then I could hear back from her, does she want to move forward? 

In this case, this was somebody who two years ago, I gave some of this information to and she didn't list. This time, she did. The difference was I used the multiple sale net proceeds format offered in the calculators at ECTS. “

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